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Why Don’t Car Accident Claims Usually Go to Court?

If you have done any research on car accident lawsuits, you have likely noticed that most claims settle long before they ever reach the courtroom. Why exactly is this the Read More

Tips for Taking Pictures at a Car Accident Scene

The moments immediately following a car accident are almost always stressful and unnerving. However, it is important to maintain enough presence of mind to document the scene to the best Read More

Some Eye-Opening State, National Car Accident Statistics

Auto accidents happen all the time on Maryland’s roads and highways, and unfortunately some of these crashes are quite serious in nature. The following are some statistics that provide some Read More

DUI Arrests Dropping, But DUI-Related Deaths are on the Rise

A new report from the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) indicates the incidence of alcohol- and drug-related traffic deaths has increased by 6.17 percent this year, while arrests for DUIs Read More

Maryland Woman Arrested for DUI, Drug Possession After Accident

A woman from Annapolis was recently arrested in Pennsylvania after reportedly crashing her vehicle into a utility pole while intoxicated. She was charged with driving under the influence, driving while Read More

Multiple Passengers Injured in Metrobus Accident

A Metrobus crash in Chevy Chase led to serious injuries to the driver, along with more minor injuries for several passengers.The bus was reportedly traveling west on the East-West Highway Read More

Recent High School Graduate Sentenced in Deadly DUI Case

Last summer, a major crash in Maryland made headlines when a former high school quarterback crashed his vehicle while intoxicated, killing two of his friends. On Thursday, June 9, he Read More

Maryland Man Killed in Industrial Accident at Metal Plant

A teenager from Dundalk was recently killed in an industrial accident at a metal processing plant in Sparrows Point, Maryland.The June 15 accident reportedly happened when the 19-year-old worker was Read More

Porch Roof Collapse at Maryland Party Brings Up Issues of Premises Liability

Four people, believed to be Frostburg State University students, were injured this March when the roof of a porch collapsed. Approximately nine people were standing on the roof at the Read More

Car Crashes Into Towson Starbucks, Highlighting Parking Lot Dangers

Four people were recently injured in Towson  when a silver Lexus SUV with a handicapped tag smashed into a Starbucks coffee shop after apparently jumping a curb in the shop’s Read More

Bill Would End Need for Witnesses in Certain Maryland Divorces

There are two ways to get a divorce in Maryland. The first is to allege fault, in which one spouse states that the other was unfaithful or abusive or committed Read More

Hit-and-Run Accident Injuring Dundalk Teen Underscores Ongoing Dangers for Pedestrians

A Baltimore County teenager was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident on March 17 as she and a friend were walking on Holabird Avenue close to Searles Road in Dundalk. Read More

Maryland Debates Bill That Could Terminate Parental Rights of Rapists

A controversial bill that would terminate the parental rights of rapists is currently making its way through the Maryland legislature — with those on both sides claiming the need to Read More

How Is Spousal Support Calculated Under Maryland Law?

Unlike many states, Maryland has no standard formula for determining spousal support awards during a divorce. Instead, a judge must rely on a variety of factors listed in the state’s Read More

Major Changes Possible for Maryland Drug Crime Laws

The Maryland Senate passed a bill this March with the intent of seriously reforming the way the state’s criminal justice system handles drug-related offenses. Goals of the bill, called the Read More

Maryland Cracks Down on Synthetic Marijuana Sales

In recent years, the drug trade has often outpaced the legislature and law enforcement, with a variety of dangerous synthetic drugs popping up in stores and on the streets of Read More

Viewing 65 - 80 out of 243 posts


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