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A Bad Break: Fractures after a Fall

Despite the pratfalls taken by comedians, falling down is no joke.  If you have not suffered a broken bone in your lifetime, the physical pain and disability may be shocking.  For Read More

Marijuana Legislation: Senate Bill 364

On April 14, 2014, Governor Martin O’Malley signed Senate Bill 364, which makes possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana a civil offense punishable by fines.  Under the new Read More

Finding the Exit: Steps to Take When Considering Divorce

Just as a wedding must be planned, so does divorce. If thinking of divorce, there are practical, important steps you can take to protect yourself.  In all cases, be sure you Read More

Families Affected by Exxon Petroleum Spill Settle

After years of litigation, in late February, 43 Jacksonville families agreed to settle their damage claims after a serious gasoline spill affected household wells.  In 2006, a mishap with a drill Read More

Family Torn Apart by Fire

She stood at the second-story window, the house behind lit by flames. He stood behind her, trying to help her jump. She screamed for her children, and he pushed her Read More

Asleep at the Wheel: The Danger of Fatigued Truck Drivers

In November 2012, Maryland residents Karen Babka and her daughter Kaitlin were driving east on Interstate 70 in western Pennsylvania. Unknown to them, 45-year-old Yevgeniy Bugreyev was traveling westbound on Read More

Medical Mistakes Continue to Increase

In late 2013, a new study revealed the rate of medical mistakes in the United States continues to increase — with devastating results.  The new study updates a 1999 report from Read More

Personal Photography Adds to Distracted Driving Danger

Distracted driving is a known danger. As laws are enacted across the nation to limit distractions while driving, technology puts more capabilities in the hands of motorists who already have Read More

Arguing About Money

A Kansas State University study suggests frequent money arguments during marriage are not only unpleasant, but may also pave a path toward divorce.  The idea that disagreements over money can strain Read More

Does Your Maryland Divorce Entitle Your Children to Special Consideration?

In a perfect world, every child is raised by two dedicated parents in a single household. However, when parents cannot get along, it can be damaging for their children to Read More

Proposed Maryland Estate Tax Changes Do Not Eliminate the Need for Careful Estate Planning

Benjamin Franklin famously stated that nothing is certain except death and taxes. At the time, he probably had no idea that future governments would enact laws linking these two events Read More

Maryland’s Duty to Retreat Can Conflict with the Castle Doctrine to Cloud Self-Defense Issues

When an intruder breaks in and wakes homeowners in their bedrooms, the modified Maryland Castle Doctrine may protect the residents from criminal charges if they shoot the home invader(s) in Read More

Filing Bankruptcy Does Not Have to Conflict with Your Sense of Personal Financial Responsibility

After devoting their lives to developing and practicing good financial habits, many individuals considering bankruptcy face a self-imposed stigma. Even when unforeseen circumstances ranging from job loss to substantial medical Read More

Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Maryland

Consider this hypothetical: A 22-year-old male suddenly dies during a routine ping pong game. During the week preceding the man’s death, the man sought treatment from his primary care doctor Read More

Drafting a Valid Premarital Agreement in Maryland

Following an accepted proposal, couples are often inundated with a host of decisions for planning the day of the wedding. Although colors, food, centerpieces and bridesmaid dresses are important, plans Read More

Supporting a Child in Maryland

Five years ago, a couple divorced because of the husband’s failure to contribute to the family’s expenses. The judge in the divorce proceeding ordered the father to pay child support Read More

Viewing 193 - 208 out of 243 posts