A Metrobus crash in Chevy Chase led to serious injuries to the driver, along with more minor injuries for several passengers.

The bus was reportedly traveling west on the East-West Highway June 6 when a pickup truck traveling in the lane next to it sideswiped the bus. After the initial collision, the bus went over the outer curb and ran directly into a tree, causing it to fall over.

At the time of the accident there were 16 people on board the bus, including the driver. It took about 25 minutes for first responders to get the bus driver out of his seat, as they needed to break out windows and maneuver the tree. Ten of the passengers were transported by another bus to be treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. It was later reported that the driver was in stable condition.

Conflicting stories after the crash

Police were able to download video from the surveillance system on the bus. The contents of this video have not been made public, but what was seen was apparently enough for officers to issue four citations to the driver of the pickup truck. Officers have stated that the bus driver was not at fault, but the pickup truck driver claims the bus was improperly merging into his lane and caused the initial collision.

If it holds true that the pickup driver was at fault for the accident, he would be liable for any injuries and property damage that occurred. Because there were multiple passengers on the bus, the driver could face civil action from a number of different parties.

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