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Administering a Probate Estate in Maryland

Maryland’s Estate and Trusts Article §2–102 allows an individual cited in a will to act as a personal representative or a person with an interest in a will to file Read More

Is Probate Always Required in Maryland?

At the time a person passes, surviving loved ones are often overcome with emotion. At the same time, they must deal with the complexities of distributing the assets of the Read More

Drafting a Will in Maryland for the Foreseeable Future

A will may be contested on the grounds of improper execution when the creator of a will, known as the testator, did not have the mental capacity to understand the Read More

Equitably Dividing a Retirement Account in Maryland

After recently celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, two people decide they no longer wish to spend their life together and file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The wife worked for Read More

Creating a Predictable Future for Loved Ones in Maryland

A couple spent the weekend camping in the forest to celebrate their 12th anniversary. Driving home without using seatbelts, the couple ran into two deer crossing the road. They were Read More

Is a Trust Worthy of Consideration in Maryland?

To save time and costs for beneficiaries, estate planning attorneys often advocate trust formation. When seeking to avoid a probate proceeding of significant length, to address trust administration concerns or Read More

Emergency Room Heartache in Maryland

A 32-year-old man on vacation was walking on the beach when he became short of breath. He rested for an hour, but began to experience chest pain and went to Read More

Maryland Car Accidents with Multiple Defendants

A 65-year-old male went to the dermatologist to have a suspicious skin mole examined, since it had been changing colors over the last few months. While the doctor was examining Read More

Defining the Best Interest of a Child in Maryland

A woman divorced the father of her four children five years ago. The father had a severe cocaine addiction, which often landed him in a Charles County jail. After his Read More

Contributing to Your Own Injury in Maryland

A 45-year-old male decided to go for a bicycle ride at 11:30 p.m. in downtown Baltimore. New to the sport, the cyclist did not know the traffic rules for bicycling Read More

Spartans win Battlefield Classic!

The La Plata Spartans U-11 boys travel team competed in the NVSC Battlefield Classic during the Columbus Day weekend. The Spartans started the preliminary round game on Saturday against Premier AC Read More

Injured at the Hands of Medical Professionals in Maryland?

A 25-year-old woman is informed by a doctor that she has a cancerous tumor in her right breast that requires immediate surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Upon awaking from surgery, the Read More

Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident in Maryland?

Lincoln Street and Parkview Street in Waldorf, Maryland intersect. A man who recently moved to the area failed to recognize that Parkview is a one-way street and proceeded down the Read More

Seeking Child Support in Maryland?

A 30-year-old father of two boys has not heard from his ex-wife, the mother of the boys, since the day the divorce was finalized three years ago. Working as a Read More

Slipping in Maryland

After realizing there was little in the house to offer guests coming for a party, a man decided to go to a Maryland grocery store for a few items. As Read More

Holding an Employer Accountable in Maryland

An owner of a trucking company recently hired a new employee who was a friend of a family member. Although the owner was aware of the new hire’s prior issues Read More

Viewing 209 - 224 out of 243 posts