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Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A. - Client Testimonials

Mr. Fitzgerald is an attorney with a broad knowledge of the court system, his experience with not only the courts but with people makes him an attorney that I would recommend to anyone. He is a compassionate, honorable and honest individual.  As he represented me in a very difficult motor vehicle accident case involving a world wide corporation, he never wavered in his fight for me and the severe injuries that I suffered.  He is a rare individual who listened to what I had to say.   He listened to the truth and the facts and proceeded to win my case despite the efforts of the opposing party.  All of the Attorneys and Associates of the Law Firm of Mudd, Mudd and Fitzgerald treated me with respect and that is why I have turned to their practice to represent all my legal needs.  I honestly could not ask for a better group of individuals to have on my side. To everyone, especially Mr. Fitzgerald, I say Thank You. 

I am a resident of St. Mary’s County.  I am writing to describe the experience our family had with Mr. Stephen Fitzgerald.  Our son E. was involved in a serious accident in August of 2011 and, after some research, we interviewed and retained Mr. Fitzgerald.  We could not have been more impressed or pleased with our choice.  He was always available to counsel our son and made time to answer any questions my wife or I may have had.  He explained in detail what may happen next and always seemed accurate and correct.

He advised us to participate in mediation.  I was encouraged to accompany Mr. Fitzgerald and my son to the mediation.  A fair settlement was reached in the amount of over $450,000.00.  A lengthy court trial was not necessary and Stephen Fitzgerald deserves the credit for making this experience reasonable.  He proved to be a very capable advocate and a credit to his profession.  

The purpose of this letter is to (express) how grateful my wife and I are for the services that Steve Fitzgerald has provided us since August 2006.  During the last several years, we have used the services of five attorneys to assist us with various personal legal situations.  Among these attorneys, Steve stands out as the one who provided us the best personal and attentive service.

Our initial issue centered on a fairly complicated breach of real estate contract by a buyer that cost me and my wife $550,000.  Steve’s tenacious representation in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court and later in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals won our case…

Beyond providing committed, forceful representation to us while maintaining high standards of ethical practice of the law, Steve knows his way around Maryland law and has a powerful presence in the courtroom.  These things produced for us the best possible representation.

Over the five years that Steve and we have spent together, we became accustomed to the top-quality work he brings to the table and were never disappointed.  Although, we admit that there are more pleasant circumstances under which a professional relationship can develop, we remain very grateful for the services provided by Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald.


Choosing a law firm is a very personal matter. Mudd, Mudd, and Fitzgerald is the best you can find to handle your needs privately and with personal attention. The advise one receives is always pragmatic which allows you to make the most informed decision regarding your legal options. I have used MM&F for my legal work for more than 15 years. I can’t think of a firm I would rather use over MM&F in all of Southern Maryland for all legal matters.


Three years ago I was charged with a serious crime and incarcerated.  I had never been in trouble before and had no idea what to do or how to find a lawyer.  As soon as my friend made contact with John Ray he agreed to come to the detention center to see me right away.  From that point on I never looked back as he explained the whole process to me, told me what would happen and how soon, how much everything was likely to cost, and the difficulties I would be facing and also what could be done to minimize them.  He was always available to me and my family to answer questions, returned phone calls very quickly, and never hesitated to help in any way that he could.

The ordeal lasted for over two years as the legal process is complicated and works slowly, but Mr. Ray was always there for me.  He left no avenue unexplored in my defence, and it was his dedication and attention to detail that saved my life.  Even after the worst of it was over, whenever a new problem arose he dealt with it immediately on my behalf.  Perhaps most importantly of all, he treated me with kindness and respect throughout the entire process, and I will always be grateful to him.  If anyone is in any doubt about who to retain when trouble arrives, I have no hesitation in recommending John Ray.  Without him I would not be in the happy situation that I am today.

J. F.

 I have hired quite a few lawyers in my day through many firms in the Charles county area, but only one firm stands out as the best among the rest, and that firm is Mudd, Mudd, and Fitzgerald, P.A.  My lawyer in the firm is Mr John Ray.  I have hired Mr Ray on several occasions and when we go to court, he wins; it is that simple.  And I know the reputations of the entire firm's lawyers; all are top notch professionals.  You want the best chance to win, go to Mudd, Mudd, and Fitzgerald for all your attorney needs."  

J. S.

 As a CPA, I need a firm I can refer to handle my client’s legal issues.   I have trusted the firm of Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A. for many years to assist my clients with forming new business entities, drafting buy-sell agreements, preparing contracts, handling real estate settlements, administering probate estates, assisting with the bankruptcy process, preparing marital separation documents, and many other services required by individuals and businesses.  The attorneys have the knowledge and experience to address an issue and effectively communicate with all parties involved.  I appreciate their attention to detail and the many services they have provided me and my clients.

– Lakes and Associates

 I have been a Mudd, Mudd and Fitzgerald client for over 15 years.  Unlike most clients maybe, I have the need for legal services on a regular basis due to my field of business.  I just wanted to extend my upmost gratitude to this firm for continually going above and beyond for all my needs.  They are a full service firm that has helped in all facets of my life and business. They have provided and continued to work on estate planning as my family and business grows.  They set up proper corporate documents for my small businesses and perform settlements in a timely fashion time and time again.  Staff form the settlement department maintains a constant chain of communication at all times and continually goes above and beyond expectation.  Mark Mudd’s guidance, commitment and ability to make you feel like you are his only concern speaks volumes to the type of law firm Mudd, Mudd and Fitzgerald truly is.  The strong historical roots of this firm are further matched by their ability to change with the times to better service today’s needs.

T. A. M.

 I have been dealing with Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald for my legal issues for 40+ years.  No matter what the issue: business, real estate, domestic, traffic etc. there has always been an attorney to handle my legal questions & problems and they have always treated me with respect.  Not only has the service been superb, the fees have always been reasonable and fair.


 I needed a law firm to help me settle a landlord tenant dispute. After contacting Mudd, Mudd and Fitzgerald I was given an appointment with Mr Isaac McAdams for a consultation. Upon meeting with Mr McAdams and discussing my case he assured me that we would be successful, and he was right. He handled my case with dedication and professionalism; the employees at the firm were helpful and friendly. Mr McAdams kept me informed throughout the process and in the end we were successful and received judgment in our favour.  I would highly recommend this law firm to others!

Thanks again


Over the last four years, Mudd, Mudd and Fitzgerald have proven to be a real asset for me. In addition to creating wills for both my wife and I, they helped me create me an LLC for my business assets. I have trusted them with numerous real estate settlements for not only my personal residence, but settlements for 4 different investment properties. The staff really listens to the clients' needs; they are organized, detail-oriented and responsible.

– Matt