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Surprising Statistics About Distracted Driving

You might be surprised to learn that every day, approximately nine people are killed and another 1,060 are injured in crashes that were caused by an allegedly distracted driver. There Read More

How Can You Prove Negligence on the Part of a Driver?

To have any chance of recovering in your car accident claim, you must be able to prove negligence on the part of the other driver or drivers involved in your Read More

What are Contributory and Comparative Negligence?

Contributory and comparative negligence are systems that help determine liability in cases in which both parties in an accident have some level of responsibility. These are issues commonly associated with Read More

Penalties Heightened for Maryland Accident Injuries Caused by Phone Use

Maryland has a variety of new state laws that took effect October 1, 2014. Among those laws was a new, stricter approach to penalizing people who cause injuries in car Read More

DUI Offenders’ Right to Participate in Ignition Interlock Program

Each year, approximately 24,000 people are arrested for driving under the influence in Maryland. For many people, this arrest is embarrassing and unexpected. First-time DUI offenders especially were often unaware Read More

Determining Child Custody Rights in Maryland

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult experience and there are many issues a divorcing couple must consider when severing their union, including dividing marital assets and property. In addition, if Read More

Maryland Employees’ Right to Work Leave After Birth of Child, Adoption

Following the birth or adoption of a child, parents are often eager to spend time around their new bundle of joy, bonding with him or her and taking part in Read More

Maryland Highway Worker Dies in Work Zone

The Washington Post reported that a Maryland highway employee was killed when a car struck him while he was working in a construction zone in late August. The accident occurred Read More

Who is Responsible for Slips and Falls on Property?

Slips and falls happen all the time and, fortunately, most of the time these incidents are harmless, if not slightly embarrassing. However, occasionally a person will come across property that Read More

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

A type of car accident case that is becoming increasingly more common is cases in which the negligent driver was texting behind the wheel. With mobile devices becoming a greater Read More

What to Do After a Maryland Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, it’s understandable to be overcome with anxiety and emotion. It’s a distressing experience. But it’s also extremely important that you manage to Read More

Virginia Woman Files Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Trimper Rides and Amusements

In 2012, a tragic accident occurred at Trimper’s Rides in Virginia when a two year old was crushed between the tracks of a ride, resulting in a skull fracture. Now, Read More

Issues to Consider in a Grey Divorce

Here is a statistic that has taken many sociologists and family law professionals by surprise: While the total U.S. divorce rate has remained the same and even decreased in the Read More

Better Floor Traction Saves Money — and Lives

In a recent interview, Dennis Fetzer, an accident prevention specialist, was asked why more retail business property owners do not invest in safer flooring, even though there is solid evidence Read More

“May Issue” Versus “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry Guns Laws

In 2013, the Maryland Supreme Court refused to take up a case that challenged the current restrictions on concealed carry handgun permits. A District Court judge had ruled that these Read More

Truck Driver Fatigue Regulations Under Increasing Fire

A vote by the Senate Appropriations Committee to weaken the current federal Department of Transportation hours of service regulations for truck drivers would probably have remained under the public radar Read More

Viewing 161 - 176 out of 243 posts