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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor Assault Cases and the Defense Strategies Available

Assault may be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the nature and severity of the offense. Misdemeanor assault is also known as “simple” assault — the least serious form of the crime. Typically, it involves a minor injury or a limited threat of some sort of violence. There are some states in… Read More »

Maryland One of 12 States to Receive a Special Drug Prosecutor

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that the Department of Justice would dispatch 12 federal prosecutors to cities that have had the greatest problems with drug addiction and opioids. Maryland was listed as one of those states. Prescription opioids are at the root of the deadliest drug epidemic in American history. In 2015, more… Read More »

Maryland DUI Sentencing Guidelines Subject of Debate

Under Maryland state law, homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000 on a first offense. A second offense carries a maximum of 10 years’ incarceration and a $10,000 fine. It’s important to note that these are maximum… Read More »

Attorney General Sessions Orders Tougher Penalties for Drug Crimes

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently ordered federal prosecutors to toughen penalties against known drug abusers and criminals, bringing an end to policies the Obama administration had implemented to remove low-level drug criminals from prisons and reduce mandatory minimums. Sessions rescinded a pair of policies signed by predecessor Eric H. Holder Jr. Those policies urged… Read More »

What Constitutes Reckless Driving in Maryland?

Reckless driving occurs when someone drives in a way that endangers the lives of others. There are numerous different factors that may impact a reckless driving charge, including the weather conditions, the time of day, the presence of other people and the condition of the vehicle in question. It’s worth noting that reckless driving is… Read More »

What are the Elements of a Criminal Threat?

If someone has accused you of threatening to kill or harm another person, you may be charged with making criminal threats. The threat must be communicated in some way, but it does not have to be a verbal — it could come in the form of email, text message or even body language. It is… Read More »

Driving Behaviors That Can Result in Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Vehicular manslaughter, unlike homicide, is not a crime of intent. Rather, it involves a driver unintentionally causing an accident that results in the death of another person. There are a variety of driving behaviors that may result in vehicular manslaughter charges if a fatal accident occurs: Negligence: Ordinary careless driving may lead to a vehicular… Read More »

It is Possible to Have Juvenile Records Expunged

Most people do stupid things when they’re young. For some, that means getting in trouble with the law and possibly having it follow them for the long term — well after they have straightened themselves out and gotten their lives on the right track. A juvenile criminal record could continue to haunt them, preventing them… Read More »

What You Need to Know About ‘Crimes Against Public Safety’

A crime against public safety is any action that does not necessarily affect individuals, but leads to danger for the public at large. This can be a complicated issue, and it’s important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you’re facing these charges. The following are some factors to consider related to crimes… Read More »

What Do Prosecutors Consider a Sex Crime in Maryland?

In general, a sex crime is any action that knowingly causes another person to engage in a sexual act he or she did not want to participate in. This could be by means of either force or threat. Depending on the type and severity of the offense, sex crimes may be either misdemeanors or felonies…. Read More »

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