Most people do stupid things when they’re young. For some, that means getting in trouble with the law and possibly having it follow them for the long term — well after they have straightened themselves out and gotten their lives on the right track. A juvenile criminal record could continue to haunt them, preventing them from finding a good job, joining the military, getting into college or even renting an apartment. If you find yourself in this situation, it is possible to have your juvenile records expunged. This action would clear your criminal record and prevent it from negatively impacting your future. To be eligible for expungement, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have not been involved with the juvenile court system for a minimum of five years
  • You have not committed any crimes as an adult
Expungements do not happen automatically — you must petition the court to make it happen. The court will analyze your criminal record to make sure you are eligible, paying specific attention to your most recent five years of behavior. If you are indeed eligible, the court will arrange a hearing and notify the relevant officials and the local police department of your request. You typically do not need to attend the hearing unless there are any objections to your expungement request. You will receive notification in the mail once the court approves the request. In some cases, you may face hurdles to getting your juvenile records expunged in Maryland. For the guidance and advice you need during this process, consult an experienced La Plata criminal defense attorney at Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.