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Police Find 124 Pounds of Marijuana in Minivan During Traffic Stop

A routine traffic stop turned into a major drug bust in late October when Maryland State Police found 124 pounds of marijuana in a Connecticut man’s minivan. Now, the 67-year-old man faces felony charges and is currently being held on a $1 million bond in a Baltimore County jail.

According to law enforcement authorities, officers made the stop shortly after 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 22. The man was reportedly traveling well above the speed limit in his Chrysler minivan in the northbound section of Interstate 95, close to White Marsh. During the stop, the trooper noticed a few indicators of potential criminal activity and called in a K-9 unit to inspect the vehicle.

Once the unit arrived, police dogs alerted officers to the presence of drugs. After searching the vehicle, police found five loaded trash bags containing marijuana — approximately 124 pounds’ worth. Police said the street value of the marijuana discovered in the vehicle is close to $620,000.

Searches during traffic stops

It’s important to understand your constitutional rights when a law enforcement officer pulls you over on a road or highway. For example, officers must get your permission before searching your vehicle unless they believe there is “probable cause” that a crime has been committed. This is why, no matter what, you should never consent to searches of your vehicle during a traffic stop, as it removes some of the legal protections afforded to you.

In this particular case, police officers likely had probable cause to make the search. But without that probable cause, the officer would have to get the driver’s permission before searching the vehicle. Any evidence obtained during an illegal search is inadmissible in court.

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