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Virginia Woman Files Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Trimper Rides and Amusements

In 2012, a tragic accident occurred at Trimper’s Rides in Virginia when a two year old was crushed between the tracks of a ride, resulting in a skull fracture. Now, his mother has decided to file a million-dollar personal injury lawsuit against Trimper Rides and Amusements, claiming that the injuries to her son were the result of the ride operator’s negligence.

The plaintiff, Raffinee McNeill, states that the operator of the ride abruptly stopped it to let on another passenger. The child exited the ride, thinking that it was over, but the operator started it back up without checking to see if everyone was secured and if the tracks were clear. One of the vehicles struck him, the impact slamming him onto the concrete and fracturing his skull.

At stake in the trial is $1 million in damages, medical costs for the present and future, and quality of life.

One of the biggest factors in cases like these is the ability to prove negligence. Lawyers for the plaintiff will likely do a great deal of research into the training of the ride operator, the instructions that all ride operators are supposed to follow and the operator’s own personal background. Depending on what the lawyers uncover during their research, they could even determine that the company was negligent in choosing to hire this particular employee.

It’s difficult to speculate on a case like this so early on in the proceedings, but it’s hard to imagine the outcome not going in the plaintiff’s favor. As the plaintiff’s own attorney says, the lawsuit really speaks for itself.

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