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  • Pedestrians Account for 21 Percent of Car Accident Deaths in Maryland

Pedestrians Account for 21 Percent of Car Accident Deaths in Maryland

Throughout 2016, there were 111 pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents in Maryland. This number accounted for 21 percent of all traffic deaths across the state. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, a total of 523 people died in auto accidents in 2016 — two more than in 2015. The county with the most traffic deaths was Prince George’s, which had 78. Although the state only had a small increase in traffic deaths from 2015, state officials say the significant percentage of these deaths involving pedestrians is concerning. Fatal accidents have been on the rise in the state and the nation since 2014. State officials are calling on municipal leaders and county executives to form comprehensive highway management plans to address and resolve the issue. While Prince George’s County did lead the state in accidents, it had decreased its total by 12 percent since 2015, thanks in large part to a detailed highway management plan the county developed in 2014 and implemented within the last year and a half. Everyone is responsible for pedestrian safety Pedestrians have a responsibility to make sure it’s safe to walk across the street. They should always use crosswalks, never cross against lights and always look both ways before crossing. Motorists, meanwhile, are responsible for remaining attentive and yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks. Even if pedestrians do not use crosswalks, drivers must still slow down or stop if they clearly have enough time to avoiding hitting someone. For more information on how to proceed after a serious pedestrian accident in Maryland, contact a skilled La Plata personal injury lawyer at Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.