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Maryland’s ‘Batman’ Struck, Killed in Accident on Highway

A man from Maryland who had become somewhat of a viral sensation was killed in an auto accident along a state highway August 16.

Known as the “Route 29 Batman,” Leonard Robinson had achieved a modest level of fame for videos of him dressing up as Batman, interacting with police officers and visiting sick children in hospitals. He was returning home from a car show with his custom-made Batmobile in West Virginia when his car reportedly broke down. Robinson pulled to the side of the highway to check his engine, but his vehicle as hit from behind by a Toyota Camry, causing it to then run into Robinson. Responders pronounced him dead at the scene.

Shortly before the accident, Robinson had reportedly stopped at a nearby gas station, where he met a family and gave the children some Batman and superhero-related toys and gifts. The family he had just met parked behind him on the highway, seeing he was having some troubles, and turned their emergency lights on. His car was reportedly still partially in the fast lane, but stopped in the median, and the area was not well lit. No charges have been filed stemming from the crash.

Staying safe during a breakdown

Authorities remind all drivers to be safe if they need to pull over to the median due to car problems. At night especially, motorists should always be equipped with flares or warning triangles to alert traffic to their presence. They should be sure to turn on their emergency flashers, as well. Although drivers are supposed to move over to avoid stalled motorists parked on the median, this doesn’t always happen like it should.

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