Two residents of Forest Hill were recently arrested after members of the Harford County Task Force discovered marijuana plants growing inside and outside of their home. The investigators also discovered a substance suspected to be cocaine, numerous weapons (including a sub-machine gun) and various pieces of paperwork containing evidence of a money-laundering scheme and cash stashes hidden throughout the country.

The 28- and 29-year-old residents were charged with possession of a large amount of drugs, drug manufacturing, drug possession with an intent to distribute, use of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime, manufacturing a large amount of drugs and narcotics possession with intent to distribute. A representative from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said these arrests were part of an investigation that has been in progress for some time, but declined to issue any further comments regarding the case.

Implied intent to distribute

Police officers had allegedly noticed the marijuana plants from a legal location near the property, and obtained a search warrant after speaking with the residents of the home. Officers reported finding 55 marijuana plants in all on the property, all of which were kept up well. According to police, each plant could likely produce roughly a pound of marijuana — a significant amount that law enforcement agencies consider enough to assume there was an intent to distribute.

The total street value of the marijuana at the home was estimated to be around $157,000. Police also uncovered eight other smaller marijuana plants still in early growth phases. The cocaine they discovered was valued at around $67,000 (670 grams worth).

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