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Langley Park Sees Large Numbers of Pedestrian Deaths

Local officials in Langley Park, Maryland, are concerned about the increasing numbers of pedestrian accidents and deaths in the community. Over the past eight years, 138 pedestrians have been struck by vehicles on a single two-mile stretch of highway that runs through the city, with eight of those victims dying from their injuries.

Capital News Service analyzed accident data provided by the state from 2009 to 2016, focusing specifically on this section of University Boulevard. Officials say the road was not designed for pedestrian-heavy usage, but more people are walking through the area now than ever before. There were 12 accidents in 2009 and a high of 27 in 2012, with the numbers remaining consistently in the upper teens since then.

Locals are growing frustrated with what they see as lack of attention from the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). There are few crosswalks on the highway, and those that are in place do not provide much protection from vehicles making turns. The sidewalks are narrow, which puts pedestrians very close to fast-traveling cars — 14 of the 138 pedestrians injured were on the sidewalk at the time.

Safety advocates continue to push for the state to install pedestrian signals on the highway to improve safety. However, officials with the Maryland SHA contend that most accidents are due to pedestrian error.

Government agencies could be at fault for accidents

There are some situations in which a government agency could be fully or partially liable for injuries that occur to pedestrians and drivers when accidents occur. This most commonly happens in cases in which a road or intersection was designed in a way that is inherently unsafe or poses unnecessary risks.

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