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Finding the Exit: Steps to Take When Considering Divorce

Just as a wedding must be planned, so does divorce. If thinking of divorce, there are practical, important steps you can take to protect yourself. 

In all cases, be sure you are ready to end your marriage. If you believe counseling might help, seek a reputable therapist. Otherwise, think about these tips to prepare for divorce

  • The process: Marriage creates a legal relationship; divorce dissolves that relationship. Divorce is the method through which you address issues about parenting time and custody of children, division of assets and debt, and provision of spousal support. Keeping conflict low is important. Spouses that can still work together have a better chance of making good agreements at lower legal cost. 
  • Finances: If divorce is on the horizon, make a thorough inventory of financial assets and accounts. Gather and copy tax returns and statements from all investment and retirement accounts. Locate and copy legal documentation related to ownership of real and other property. Pay stubs, financial statements, and credit card bills are all important. Keep your copies safe and organized. 
  • Budget: In the quiet before the storm, figure out how much money you need to maintain your style of living while supporting your family. Educate yourself about household expenses and create a realistic projection of how much money you may have to live on when the household is split. 
  • Legal help: Speaking with an experienced family law attorney before you speak with your spouse is an excellent idea. In addition to helping you understand important facts unique to your case, legal counsel can offer tips and reassurance about the legal process that may prove invaluable when navigating the days and weeks ahead. 

All the world loves a wedding. Divorce, however, is not quite the same. No divorce is easy, but you can take steps to protect yourself from the outset. Speak with an established family law attorney in Charles County when thinking about divorce.

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