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Category Archives: Bankruptcy

What are the Consequences of Concealing Assets in Bankruptcy?

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are expected to reveal all of the assets that you have in your possession. The bankruptcy trustee in your case may take some of your nonexempt assets and sell them off to help make outstanding payments to your creditors. The temptation may be to sell these assets… Read More »

When Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce, Which One Comes First?

Considering that money issues often lead couples to end their marriages, it is not surprising that a bankruptcy filing can complicate divorce. Attempting to handle both at the same time often causes unnecessary additional stress and unanticipated consequences. Couples need to look carefully at their current financial circumstances and their overall goals before initiating either… Read More »

The Importance of Skilled Legal Support When Filing Bankruptcy in Maryland

Even in its simplest form, a bankruptcy filing has many detailed requirements. Individuals can spend significant time and effort trying to handle the process themselves, but even a single mistake can be detrimental to a person’s case. Bankruptcy attorneys help clients properly prepare all records before filing, advise them in choosing the right form of… Read More »

Filing Bankruptcy Does Not Have to Conflict with Your Sense of Personal Financial Responsibility

After devoting their lives to developing and practicing good financial habits, many individuals considering bankruptcy face a self-imposed stigma. Even when unforeseen circumstances ranging from job loss to substantial medical expenses deplete savings, walking away from unpaid bills is not a personal option. A difficult-but-responsible choice, filing bankruptcy can provide the best means for meeting… Read More »

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