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2 People Killed in I-270 Crash in Frederick

Two people have died from injuries they suffered in car accident on Interstate 270 in Frederick Wednesday, March 1. The crash occurred on the northbound section of the interstate, close to Baker Valley Road.

According to the Maryland State Police, a Chevrolet Corvette was traveling at a high rate of speed when it suddenly shifted lanes, striking a Volkswagen Jetta. The Corvette’s driver then lost control and went off the road, hitting several trees and killing the 55-year-old driver and his 56-year-old passenger.

There was no word about the condition of the driver of the Jetta. Police officers continued to investigate the accident in its aftermath.

Speeding can be incredibly dangerous

Whenever drivers travel at excessive speeds, they run the risk of losing control of their vehicles.  Other drivers on the road are likely driving much closer to the posted speed limit and may not be prepared to react when a vehicle enters their view so quickly. Adding in reckless behaviors like weaving in and out of lanes and attempting to change lanes without carefully checking to see if the way is clear makes speeding even more dangerous.

Car accidents that happen at a high rate of speed are also significantly more likely to result in a serious injury or death. To that end, it’s important for all motorists to exercise caution and obey all traffic laws, including posted speed limits.

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