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Why You Want to Be the One to File for Divorce

In some situations, the spouse who does not file for the divorce could actually face stiffer consequences than the person who does file. Thus, if you know a divorce is coming your way, it is important to be proactive in filing the paperwork yourself.

The following are a few of the main reasons why it could be beneficial to be the one to file for the divorce:

  • You are able to get greater control over how quickly the proceedings move forward.
  • The person who files for divorce is also able to provide the reason for the divorce (the grounds). Even if grounds do not technically factor into the outcome of a divorce, your reasons listed in the filing can still have some level of influence on a judge.
  • The spouse who files for divorce is able to make initial requests, such as asking the other party to split the costs of the filing.

Before you decide to file for the divorce, you should sit down with a family law attorney and plan out your entire course of action. Your legal counsel can help you better understand the entire divorce process, and outline a strategy for how you will proceed in the case. Throughout the divorce, your attorney will be the one who keeps you grounded in what can become a very stressful and emotional time.

For more information and guidance on the divorce process, speak with a trusted La Plata, Maryland family law attorney at Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.

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