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What Health Insurance Options Do You Have After Divorce?

Health insurance could potentially be a contentious issue during and after a divorce, unless each party has coverage through a job. Children will usually still be able to be insured through one of their parents, but there’s a chance that one spouse will be left to find his or her own coverage after the divorce is finalized.

The following are a few options you have regarding health insurance after a divorce:

  • Seek COBRA benefits. COBRA is a federal law that gives you the right to continue coverage under a certain health insurance policy at your own cost if you meet certain conditions. This is the most common option for recently divorced people in need of insurance.
  • Get coverage through your employer. If your employer offers a health package, you may compare the benefits and cost to what you would get through COBRA coverage and figure out which would be the best option for you.
  • Get coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Because divorce usually leads to a significant change in your financial circumstances, it also means you could now qualify for a health care subsidy under the Affordable Care Act. Again, you should compare costs and benefits from potential Affordable Care Act plans to what you would get through your employer or through COBRA.
  • Ask for insurance as part of your divorce settlement. Although it might not work out, it’s at least worth discussing. If your former spouse had very good insurance coverage, you could try to arrange to have a stipulation in the settlement that makes him or her legally responsible for covering all of your COBRA payments.

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