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How Mediation Works in a Maryland Car Accident Case

Mediation is a method of dispute resolution often used to reach settlements in auto accident cases, without having to go to court. Through this process, a trained mediator works with you and the insurance company to reach an appropriate settlement. Mediators do not make any mandates or requirements, but instead serve to facilitate constructive discussions… Read More »

13 Injured in Maryland Four-Car Pileup

A recent four-vehicle car accident led to injuries to 13 people, including seven children. The accident occurred on a Montgomery County road and involved two compact cars, a green Dodge minivan and a black Chevy Tahoe SUV.  According to an investigation performed by local law enforcement, a tan Toyota Corolla was sitting stopped on Norwood… Read More »

Woman Killed in Maryland Auto Accident

A 51-year-old woman was killed recently in a car accident on Laytonsville Road in Olney, Maryland. According to authorities familiar with the case, the accident happened at approximately 5:30 a.m. when a 2001 Ford F250 pickup drifted off the roadway then overcorrected, going back onto the roadway and then crossing the double line. As a… Read More »

Surprising Statistics About Distracted Driving

You might be surprised to learn that every day, approximately nine people are killed and another 1,060 are injured in crashes that were caused by an allegedly distracted driver. There are several different types of distracted driving, including:  Visual: When drivers take their eyes off the road (example: using in-vehicle technology) Manual: When drivers take… Read More »

How Can You Prove Negligence on the Part of a Driver?

To have any chance of recovering in your car accident claim, you must be able to prove negligence on the part of the other driver or drivers involved in your accident. All drivers have certain duties to maintain reasonable standards of safety while on the road. When they fail in those duties, you may be… Read More »

Penalties Heightened for Maryland Accident Injuries Caused by Phone Use

Maryland has a variety of new state laws that took effect October 1, 2014. Among those laws was a new, stricter approach to penalizing people who cause injuries in car accidents resulting from the use of cell phones.  Under the new law, any driver that was found to be texting or talking on a cell… Read More »

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

A type of car accident case that is becoming increasingly more common is cases in which the negligent driver was texting behind the wheel. With mobile devices becoming a greater part of people’s everyday lives, these types of accidents are only going to increase. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that everyone is aware of the… Read More »

What to Do After a Maryland Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, it’s understandable to be overcome with anxiety and emotion. It’s a distressing experience. But it’s also extremely important that you manage to keep your wits and follow a certain number of steps afterward. Here’s what you should do after being in a car accident: Check for injuries…. Read More »

Both Sides in GM Recall Lawsuits Vie for Control of Black Box Data

In 2005, a drunken 16-year-old lost control of her Chevrolet Cobalt and died after crashing into a tree in Charles County, Maryland. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was called in when patrol officers noticed that the airbags had failed. Data from the event data recorder (EDR), or black box, showed that the airbags had… Read More »

Personal Photography Adds to Distracted Driving Danger

Distracted driving is a known danger. As laws are enacted across the nation to limit distractions while driving, technology puts more capabilities in the hands of motorists who already have their hands full.  In October of last year, using a cell phone while driving became a primary offense. This means law enforcement can directly stop… Read More »

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