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Surprising Statistics About Distracted Driving

You might be surprised to learn that every day, approximately nine people are killed and another 1,060 are injured in crashes that were caused by an allegedly distracted driver. There are several different types of distracted driving, including: 

  • Visual: When drivers take their eyes off the road (example: using in-vehicle technology)
  • Manual: When drivers take their hands off the wheel (example: texting while driving)
  • Cognitive: When drivers take their minds off driving (example: falling asleep) 

Each of these three types of distracted driving is equally dangerous. It only takes a moment of distraction for a driver to endanger everyone else on the road around them. Texting while driving is considered to combine all three forms of distraction, which makes it especially dangerous. 

Several years ago, the CDC performed a study on distracted driving. The numbers have only grown since then, but the findings included the following statistics: 

  • About 69 percent of drivers ages 18-64 indicated they had talked on their phone while behind the wheel within the previous month
  • About 31 percent of drivers ages 18-64 indicated they had either sent or read text messages or emails while driving within the previous month
  • Young drivers (under 20) were far more likely to be distracted drivers and have the highest percentage of crashes related to distraction 

Many states are enacting laws about texting while driving and phone use while behind the wheel. Maryland recently added stricter punishments for distracted drivers that cause injuries in accidents. 

It’s important to remind your children that drive (and yourself) the dangers of distracted driving, especially texting while driving. It may seem like you’re only taking your eyes off the road for a second, but in reality, that second is all it takes to change your life forever. 

Speak with a southern Maryland car accident attorney from Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A. for more information about distracted driving and how you can prevent it.

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