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Do Speed Cameras Slow People Down?

While some hailed the installation of speed cameras along Maryland’s roads, others saw it as an attempt to squeeze more money out of the state’s drivers. Three years after the statewide legislation allowing for speed cameras went into effect, it is fair to ask – are we better off? Are we safer because of the… Read More »

Establishing Guardianship for a Parent

Caring for aging parents can be a stressful experience. When a parent is suffering from a condition that causes dementia, matters become even more complicated both personally and legally. When parents can no longer make decisions for themselves, they need someone trustworthy to do it for them. Establishing a guardian to make decisions when necessary… Read More »

Parenting as a Team after Divorce

There is a lot of new territory to navigate after a divorce. One of the most complex areas is how to parent your children from two separate households, and while leading separate lives. Here are some tips for co-parenting even when you and your spouse don’t get along. Do not communicate as exes but as… Read More »

Anatomy of a DNA Database

Maryland has been collecting DNA samples from offenders since 1994, when the database was established. Technology has come a long way since then, and so has Maryland. Originally, only sex offenders had to submit a DNA sample. In 2002, this was expanded to include those convicted of other crimes. In 2009, the law was expanded… Read More »

Family Financial Matters

Everybody knows that a lot changes when you get a divorce. But not everyone is prepared for the number of financial changes they may suddenly face. Maryland has an alimony system in place that is meant to assist people in adjusting to their new lives. It also provides support while they become self-sufficient. Under Maryland… Read More »

What’s Mine Is Ours

Many people labor under the misconception that when a couple divorces all of their property is split between them evenly. The fact that Maryland is an equitable distribution state makes divorce even more confusing. In fact, the term equitable distribution does not necessarily mean equal distribution. Oftentimes, it may work out that property is divided… Read More »

Doing More to Protect Vulnerable Marylanders

This year, Maryland honored Domestic Violence Awareness Month with action rather than just ceremony.  October started with Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown announcing the enactment of two new laws designed to aid victims of domestic violence and prevent future violence. One new law protects unemployment coverage of domestic violence victims by granting them the… Read More »

Change for Good: Recovering from a Work Injury

Being injured on the job is painful enough. But the burden of worries that come along with an injury can make it even worse. One of the most stressful outcomes of a disabling work-related injury comes from the realization that you may not be able to return to your job. What has been your livelihood,… Read More »

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