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Maryland Teenager Pleads Guilty in Drunk Driving Accident

A 17-year-old teenager from Maryland recently pled guilty to two different charges after he was reportedly caught going 119 miles per hour while legally drunk and causing a fatal crash. The accident occurred August 30, 2014. The boy was reportedly driving a Chrysler 200 convertible, and according to a 911 call, witnesses had seen him zipping along Hines Road in Olney before crashing into a large tree. The car ultimately came to a rest on some grass near a pool.

The driver escaped with minor injuries, but his two passengers suffered much worse — a 17-year-old passenger was taken to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma Center with a brain injury, several neck fractures and a shattered elbow, while a 15-year-old passenger was ejected 117 feet from the vehicle and died of his injuries 36 hours later at Bethesda’s Suburban Hospital. The driver was charged with six criminal counts, and pled guilty on two of them: threatening injury while impaired by alcohol and negligent manslaughter.

According to police, the three high school students had all been at a party where teens were consuming alcohol and drugs. The boy offered to give rides home to other students at approximately 1:15 a.m., and his two passengers agreed, as they lived less than a mile away. Nobody is sure what happened next, but a data recorder in the convertible clocked the vehicle at a peak speed of 119 miles her hour on Hines Road, which has a speed limit of only 35 miles per hour. The data recorder also showed the boy never pressed the brakes.

The driver’s blood alcohol content level was .11 percent, above the legal driving limit of .08 for Maryland. It is also far above the legal limit of .02 percent for motorists under the age of 21.

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