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Maryland State Police Step Up Patrol Efforts St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Maryland State Police knew St. Patrick’s Day weekend would be a prime time for alcohol consumption and drunk driving — and decided to ramp up enforcement efforts over the weekend. The results were a large number of citations, arrests and traffic stops.

Troopers stopped a total of 199 vehicles over the holiday weekend and were particularly on the lookout for drivers that appeared to be affected by drugs or alcohol. Of those 199 drivers, nine were arrested for driving under the influence and two more were arrested for possession of heroin. Additionally, two civil citations were issued for possession of marijuana.

Troopers also investigated two car accidents that were alcohol related and had not yet yielded any citations or arrests. Finally, troopers issued 94 traffic citations, 125 warnings and 31 repair orders for safety equipment.

Police officers were assisted by a new tool being used by Maryland State Police: the Mobile Breath Testing DUI Truck. This vehicle makes it easier to expedite the arrest process in field testing for drivers arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Looking to reduce drunk driving overall

Although the holiday enforcement efforts had the obvious immediate goal to get drunk and drugged drivers off the roads over the busy weekend, the long-term hope is that drivers will see these enforcement ramp-ups and change their behavior. By showing people what will happen if they are caught, law enforcement authorities are hoping they are making a difference and saving lives.

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