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Maryland Neighborhood Concerned about Street Safety After Most Recent Accident

Milton Avenue in Fallston, Maryland, has become a safety concern for many of the West Grove neighborhood’s residents, especially after a recent accident on the morning of Saturday, January 14.

That morning, local residents heard a loud crash resulting from an accident that left a car standing on its nose with its bumper ripped off, with an SUV in front and a two-door vehicle pinching it in place. Fortunately, no one in the crash suffered serious injuries, but neighbors say this is not the first time there has been a serious accident on the block.

Milton Avenue is a relatively short street that connects Bel Air Road with Harford Road, and it’s a common route for commuters. A manager at a nearby car dealership has told reporters he regularly needs to remind his employees not to speed through the road. Neighborhood parents have said they are scared to let their kids go outside and play because motorists simply do not slow down and might not see their children while coming around a bend in the street.

The community signed a petition asking the county to close off one end of the block to turn it into a cul-de-sac, but the petition was denied in August. There is a speed hump in place, along with a warning sign for drivers. The speed limit in the area is 25 miles per hour, but one trooper has given out 20 warnings in the past year to drivers on this stretch of road alone.

Responsibility for accidents

Ultimately, while neighbors would certainly like local officials to take more responsibility for safety on Milton Avenue, the onus is on drivers to obey the rules of the road and avoid exceeding the posted speed limit. Drivers who go too fast are less likely to be able to slow down or stop for hazards in the roadway, leading to a higher likelihood of a crash occurring.

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