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Maryland Highway Worker Dies in Work Zone

The Washington Post reported that a Maryland highway employee was killed when a car struck him while he was working in a construction zone in late August. The accident occurred on MD Highway 33, where the worker was reportedly directing traffic around a work zone.

Following the accident, Maryland Highway Officials called for a higher level of vigilance from motorists who are driving around or near construction zones. This accident marks the seventh time a Maryland highway worker has been killed in a work zone collision in the past 20 months. According to the highway administration, over 700 workers are killed nationally each year while performing road construction or other work zone duties.

The dangers of highway worker and pedestrian accidents

When people must coexist with cars on or along highways, they face high levels of risk. Both pedestrians and construction workers are at the mercy of drivers who may be driving impaired or distracted. When drivers are not paying close attention to the road, they often fail to spot pedestrians and may veer out of their lane and clip or hit these people. Unfortunately, even a small collision can prove devastating for a person who is severely outmatched by a motor vehicle.

Pedestrians are especially at risk at crosswalks, intersections and while crossing streets. Drivers who are engaged in behaviors like texting and driving or looking away from the road for any reason pose significant danger to people on foot. Sometimes a motorist will a turn and fail to look beforehand to see if a person is crossing the street. These small oversights can easily injure or kill a pedestrian or highway worker.

Motorists and pedestrians must keep a close eye out for one another. An injured pedestrian may file a lawsuit for personal injury to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages. If you or a family member have been seriously injured a pedestrian-car crash, contact an experienced Maryland auto accident attorney with Mudd Mudd & Fitzgerald. 

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