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Icy Roads Lead to Numerous Accidents Across Maryland

It’s that time of year in Maryland — wintery weather throughout the state causes treacherous road conditions, which ultimately leads to more accidents. Tuesday, February 10 was a microcosm of that issue, as there were more than a dozen traffic accidents on that morning in Dorchester County alone, as the area’s roads were covered with slick freezing rain.

Dorchester Sheriff James W. Phillips Jr. said that the temperatures in the area dropped throughout the morning, causing the rain that had been coming down throughout the county to freeze on the pavement. Vehicles that were still out on the roads before they could be salted had to deal with slippery conditions.

One serious accident involved a Tri-Gas and Oil Truck, which overturned on Maiden Forest Road. The accident was considered a hazardous material incident because it contained liquid gasoline, so responders from various area fire companies were on scene to clear it up.

When the weather gets bad and roads get slippery, drivers are encouraged to slow down and increase their vigilance. Speeding on icy or snowy roads makes drivers more likely to lose control over their vehicle, and because there is significantly less friction than normal, stopping times are nowhere near as quick as they would typically be. Drivers are also encouraged to drive with their headlights on to increase visibility, and to make sure they have working windshield wipers and plenty of wiper fluid. If at all possible, stay home when the weather gets extremely bad.

Even if your car accident was largely the result of inclement weather, you still may be able to seek compensation from parties that were negligent in their actions. To learn more, speak with an experienced Maryland auto accident attorney at Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.

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