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Emergency Responders Struck While Attending to Accident on Beltway

A recent accident on the Beltway Inner Loop near Highway 270 and River Road led to injuries both to some people actually involved in the accident, as well as some of the emergency responders on hand at the scene of the crash.

According to the Maryland State Police, a team of EMTs was responding to an accident along Interstate 495 that had involved a pickup truck. While they were working at the accident scene, the driver of another pickup truck, Maximiliano A. Curcho of Clarksburg, somehow lost control of his vehicle and skidded across a couple lines, crossing into the shoulder and striking the EMTs. Before the truck finally came to a stop, it also struck the ambulance and the pickup truck that had already been involved in an accident.

It is unclear whether the three people who were injured in the first accident were also hit, but they were transferred to MedStar to receive treatment for the injuries they had already received. Both EMTs who were injured were taken to Suburban Hospital, as we Curcho. All of the injured parties are expected to survive their injuries.

The accidents were linked to treacherous road conditions on the freeway that night, with visibility low because of the combined darkness and wind blowing around precipitation. However, all drivers in those conditions still have a responsibility to drive safely and keep everyone else on the road safe from harmful situations.

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