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Does Your Maryland Divorce Entitle Your Children to Special Consideration?

In a perfect world, every child is raised by two dedicated parents in a single household. However, when parents cannot get along, it can be damaging for their children to live in a home full of emotional conflict. Perhaps the most vital part of divorce planning involves ensuring that children continue to receive consistent support and discipline from both parents so they will not learn to use the divorce as a means of receiving special treatment throughout life.

A parenting plan helps prevent the entitlement mentality in your children

Regardless of their reasons for divorcing, most parents can reach agreements when it comes to their children. A good place to start is with establishing a detailed parenting plan that is appropriate within the state of Maryland and which addresses the following matters:

  • Where children will live and spend time
  • Who makes decisions for the children in any given situation
  • Communications between parents and with the children
  • Mediation or other alternatives to turn to in the event of disputes

Your children are certainly entitled to extra love and emotional support as they go through this challenging transition. However, given the opportunity, some children use their parents’ divorce as a reason to act out or test their boundaries when it comes to everything from staying out past their curfews to obtaining gifts they may want, but do not need or deserve. By following a well-drafted parenting plan, your children can adjust quickly to their new reality and recognize that you and your ex-spouse remain in charge and united on issues involving them, regardless of what went on in your marriage.

If you are going through a divorce in Charles County or elsewhere in southern Maryland and need help preparing an effective parenting plan, contact Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A. to speak to an attorney.

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