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  • Do You Need to Report a Minor Car Accident?

Do You Need to Report a Minor Car Accident?

The most common car accidents are simple fender benders that usually do not result in any injuries for the parties involved. These accidents tend to occur in parking lots, while stopping at intersections or in other low-speed scenarios. Many people wonder if they even must report these types of accidents when they occur. This depends mostly on the circumstances of the collision. Situations in which you will want to report the accident At the accident site, you should contact the other driver(s) involved. Exchange contact and insurance information, and make sure everyone feels okay. If the other driver is not cooperative with you or you believe that driver does not have auto insurance coverage, you must get law enforcement on the scene regardless of how serious the accident is so you can get the information you need. However, even if the other driver is cooperative, there is still a chance there will be a good faith dispute between you and the other driver about what led to the accident. Again, it’s a good idea to get assistance from law enforcement if this happens. Finally, calling officers to the scene can act as a safeguard in case symptoms of injuries arise in the hours or days after the accident. Many accident-related injuries do not initially show their symptoms, and if you do not get officers on site, you might have a hard time proving the accident occurred in the first place. You might want to avoid reporting an accident to avoid an increase in insurance premiums or just to avoid the hassle of working with insurance companies and police officers. Ultimately, however, the best decision is the safest — get law enforcement officers involved and let them work with you to resolve the issue. For more information on reporting car accidents and seeking compensation after a crash, contact a trusted La Plata personal injury lawyer at Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.