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Do Speed Cameras Slow People Down?

While some hailed the installation of speed cameras along Maryland’s roads, others saw it as an attempt to squeeze more money out of the state’s drivers. Three years after the statewide legislation allowing for speed cameras went into effect, it is fair to ask – are we better off? Are we safer because of the cameras or is the state just richer because of them?

A new study shows that in fact, the speed cameras work. Drivers are driving slower in the school zones where cameras have been placed, keeping pedestrians and passengers safer. On one particular street, the effect of the cameras is particularly stark. The year before the cameras were installed, only 10.6% of drivers obeyed the speed limit, an astonishingly low number. Today, 82.9% of cars are clocking in at the speed limit or lower, an incredible improvement. Numbers in other areas matched up, with another street’s rate of drivers obeying the speed limit jumping from 18% to 90.9%. What’s particularly interesting is that the cameras seem to have accustomed residents to driving slower in certain areas, with many drivers slowing down when the cameras are not even turned on.

While the results show a positive trend in keeping our streets safer, we can’t forget that these speed cameras do have another purpose. With the installation of speed cameras, millions of dollars of revenue for the state have been generated. If you believe you have been wrongly fined, contact a law firm that understands the ins and outs of the law, which is more complicated than it may seem. For example, in order to be fined you must be driving a certain amount above the speed limit. Call us to talk about your case and see what options are available.

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