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Charter Bus Driver Faces Drunk Driving Charges

The driver of a commercial charter bus from Delaware has been accused of driving under the influence after he was found to be driving erratically while transporting a group of Maryland middle school students from a field trip.

According to a statement issued by the Maryland State Police, the 45-year-old bus driver was arrested on DUI charges after other motorists called in to report the bus weaving in and out of lanes. Police also said adult chaperones who were on board the bus with the students were pleading with the driver to pull over and wait for officers arrive. He ultimately consented to do so, stopping along Route 50 in Talbot County.

There were 33 students aboard the bus, along with several adults. A spokesperson for Wicomico County Public Schools reassured parents that all students were safe.

Liability in accidents involving commercial vehicles

The charter bus is owned by Dawson Tour Bus Services, Inc., a company based in Camden, Delaware. Because of vicarious liability laws, in which an employer is liable for actions committed by an employee while in the scope of his or her employment, the company could also be liable should there be civil action stemming from the incident.  

There are certain exceptions to vicarious liability, including intentional actions by the accused employee or actions committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The driver likely faces a significant fine and the revocation of his commercial driver’s license. What’s fortunate is that no one was injured in what appears to be a clear case of negligence.

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