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Change for Good: Recovering from a Work Injury

Being injured on the job is painful enough. But the burden of worries that come along with an injury can make it even worse. One of the most stressful outcomes of a disabling work-related injury comes from the realization that you may not be able to return to your job. What has been your livelihood, has put food on the table and kept a roof over your head is suddenly outside your capabilities.  Maryland has a system to protect hard-working Americans from joblessness after an injury. Though the system can be difficult to navigate, its benefits may be plentiful.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission offers a vocational rehabilitation program. This program gives assistance to injured workers so that they can re-enter the job force. The assistance may include testing, job placement and training.  Although it may be frustrating and disappointing, coming to terms with whether you may realistically be able to return to your old job can be the first step in opening the door to new opportunities. The program allows for up to two years of retraining if your injury or disability change your employment needs. While it is not always possible due to a variety of factors, efforts are made to find a job that matches your aptitude and your salary as closely as possible.

Sometimes insurance providers deny coverage for such services. The first step of this program involves a conversation with a Maryland employment attorney about your future. If you and your lawyer determine that vocational rehabilitation is necessary, then you can be matched with a counselor to help you through the system. Your attorney can request a hearing to present your case if the insurance company presents obstacles to your getting all of the help you need. When it comes to getting the proper care and attention while going through this life-changing process, an attorney by your side and on your side can make a big difference.

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