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Bicyclist Dies After Collision with Truck

A man who was riding his bike down Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland passed away after being struck by a truck, according to Montgomery County police. Officers were alerted to the accident when they noticed that a Ford F550 truck from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission was stopped near a shopping center, and there was a man lying unconscious on the road with a bike nearby. 

Officers, as well as responders from the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, immediately took action to attempt to save the man’s life, but he succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. According to authorities, he was wearing a helmet during the accident. 

After some investigation into the incident, law enforcement officials discovered that the truck was traveling west on the road while the bicyclist was traveling east in the far right lane. At a green light the truck attempted to make a left turn but apparently failed to see the bicyclist coming, turning right into him. The driver stopped after the accident and attempted to provide assistance, but it was too late for the victim. 

In situations like this, drivers are responsible for understanding that bicyclists share the same rules of the road that drivers due. It is their duty to make sure that they have clearly checked intersections and oncoming traffic, including bicyclists, to make sure that the way is clear before they turn.  Lack of visibility is not a reasonable excuse in the court of law for missing a bicyclist or pedestrian when making a left turn. 

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