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Arguing About Money

A Kansas State University study suggests frequent money arguments during marriage are not only unpleasant, but may also pave a path toward divorce. 

The idea that disagreements over money can strain a marriage is not new. When money is tight, the tension can erode a good relationship and take its toll on a family. In recent years, many families experienced job loss and a resulting decline in quality of life. New research by Sonya Britt, an assistant professor of family studies at Kansas State University, shed some new light on this old idea with findings that include: 

  • Disagreements about money, not necessarily a lack of money, could be predictive of divorce.
  • Disagreements over money cause more relationship dissatisfaction than other issues like sex, children or other family members.
  • Arguments about money are more bitter, last longer and may leave residual hostility between partners.
  • A decline in relationship satisfaction often leads to eventual divorce.
  • Potentially damaging arguments during marriage occur at all economic levels. 

An earlier study found couples who argue about money at least once a week are about 30 percent more likely to divorce than those who disagree about money less frequently. 

When dissatisfaction does lead to divorce, earlier arguments can color the attempts of couples to divide their property and income. If considering divorce in southern Maryland, talk to an experienced divorce attorney to help you save your wealth for better days ahead. 

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