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Accident Involving Fallen Construction Equipment Closes I-695

A large portion of Interstate 695 in Baltimore County was closed down recently when a piece of construction equipment fell out of the bed of a truck traveling south on the freeway near Old Hartford Road, according to the Maryland State Highway Administration. Inspectors continued to analyze the nearby bridge long after the roads reopened to ensure the safety of the area. 

A spokesman for the State Highway Administration said that there was no concern about the structural integrity of the bridge, but some repairs needed to be made before allowing normal traffic to resume on that section of the road. Apparently the accident occurred because the load of equipment on the truck bed was too high to pass underneath the bridge. The equipment struck one of the beams of the Old Harford Road overpass, and then fell off the back of the truck. 

The accident occurred right in the middle of a construction zone, but according to the State Highway Administration, was not related to the work occurring in the zone. The area is currently undergoing a $34.5 million renovation project, which will feature a replaced overpass, new auxiliary lanes and reconstructed off-ramps. 

The construction company and the county are fortunate things did not end up worse, as no one was hurt in the accident. However, had the accident led to injuries, victims would have likely been able to make a case for negligence on the part of the truck driver and the construction company for driving with equipment loaded too high under an overpass. 

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