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A Bad Break: Fractures after a Fall

Despite the pratfalls taken by comedians, falling down is no joke.  If you have not suffered a broken bone in your lifetime, the physical pain and disability may be shocking. 

For most adults, broken bones occur after an accident involving significant force, like an automobile collision or a fall.  Underlying conditions such as osteoporosis create a higher risk for serious injury. 

Fall accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury in United States.  More often, a slip and fall leads to a broken bone. One of the most common injuries in a fall accident is a distal radius fracture also known as a broken wrist. 

When balance is lost, most people stretch out their hand to break their fall, and inadvertently break a wrist in the process.  This type of fracture is referred to as a fall on an outstretched hand or FOOSH. 

Common types of wrist fractures include: 

  • A fracture that extends into the wrist is called an intra-articular fracture.
  • An extra-articular fracture is a break that does not extend across the wrist.
  • A wrist bone or bones broken in more than two spots is known as comminuted. 

The financial loss and pain that accompanies a broken bone is serious.  A fractured wrist, leg or ankle can leave you with lost wages, high medical bills and future physical impairment. 

When on the premises of others, you have a right to safety and a duty of care.  When you suffer a broken bone due to the negligence of others, speak with a skilled injury attorney in Maryland.

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