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13 Injured in Maryland Four-Car Pileup

A recent four-vehicle car accident led to injuries to 13 people, including seven children. The accident occurred on a Montgomery County road and involved two compact cars, a green Dodge minivan and a black Chevy Tahoe SUV. 

According to an investigation performed by local law enforcement, a tan Toyota Corolla was sitting stopped on Norwood Road, waiting for it to be safe to turn left to Sandy Spring Friends School. It was suddenly rear-ended by a Mitsubishi Lancer, forcing the Corolla into the same lane as oncoming traffic, where it then got into a head-on collision with the Chevy Tahoe SUV. The Tahoe then was sent hurtling off the road, hitting the Dodge on the way and flipping onto its roof. 

Nobody was severely hurt in the two cars and SUV, though paramedics did provide them with minor medical treatment. Everyone in the minivan, however, including two adults and five children, received severe injuries. Two of the children were transported by helicopter with serious (but not life-threatening) injuries. 

The accident shut down that portion of the road for several hours, and made it difficult for parents to pick up their children after school. Fortunately, everyone in the accident was wearing a seatbelt. 

Those injured in the accident could potentially have recourse to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the Mitsubishi, if they are in fact able to prove that that driver was at fault in the accident. At this point it is unknown what the exact cause of the accident was, but it is generally the driver’s responsibility to stay aware on the road of obstructions or, in this case, people attempting to turn. 

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